Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

CloseQuickly gives your sales and marketing teams a single place to collaborate on the best sales collateral, so you can focus on customers, not content.


“I want to deliver the best materials to enable my sales team, but they are too busy to sift through the collateral we already have. They end up sending me last minute emails instead.”


“I want to focus on my customers, but can never find the right collateral when I need it. I end up spending a third of my time looking for content or creating it”

A Single Platform To
Bring Everyone Together

Save Time

Recover a third of the time your salespeople are spending looking for or creating content.


Reduce the most common source of friction, simplify communication, and get actionable insight.

Close Deals

Crowdsourcing feedback to know which content is effective and get it into everyone’s hands.

CloseQuickly lets you quickly launch sales playbooks so you can get the best content into the hands of your sales force.

Built For Your Whole Team Because Experience Makes a Difference