Better sales playbooks help scale your team with consistent and repeatable processes

Is anyone using them? Do you track and measure this? How do you update playbooks in the wild?

Improve adoption and efficiency with interactive playbooks from CloseQuickly.

Improve Adoption

“We had great content in our sales playbooks but I really started using them after we switched to CloseQuickly. Who wants to read an instruction manual?”

Essential Toolkit

“CloseQuickly playbooks helped me become more consistent with my sales. I now take full advantage of all the collateral and resources available to move deals forward. CloseQuickly is an essential part of my toolkit.”

Perfect for

Onboarding People

Train and ramp new reps faster so they can start closing sooner.

Launching Products

Maximize launch impact and get everyone on message by using a playbook.

Establishing Processes

We get it, change is hard. Use a playbook to get everyone marching in the same direction.

Engaging Partners

Awareness and education are key for engaging your partners, make it easier with the best playbooks.

Drive Adoption

Onboarding People

Get started quickly and get great results with embedded best practices.

Interactive and Engaging

Make your content come alive with embedded video and audio.

Always up-to-date

Manage version control easily and ensure that everyone is using the latest copy.

Anywhere Access

Playbooks and resources are always available. Anytime and on any device.

Adoption Analytics

Get powerful insight into who is using your playbooks, when, and how often.

Align Your Sales Processes

Improve consistency by making it easier for your team to follow the steps laid out in your sales process. Track and analyze performance, and save time for yourself and your sales team.

Part of the CloseQuickly Platform

A single place for your sales and marketing teams to collaborate on the best sales collateral, so you can focus on customers, not finding content.

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